company history

Coriolis Innovation was founded in Australia in 2000 on the back of a resources boom. Soon after, there was a turning point in the global economy. Entrepreneurship and innovation became a way to build futures. We trained MBA students around the world in how to think differently and founded partnerships with those burgeoning business owners and executives.  We are now operating at a time when innovation is necessary for organisations to achieve and have the experience to help. We are very proud of our partnerships over the years and all the people who led us here.

  • 2000

    consulting in the Australian resources sector

    The Australian economy was booming at the turn of the century. Coriolis Innovation started consulting to high growth engineering, construction and resources companies.

  • 2004

    international partnerships through universities

    After several years teaching MBAs at international universities, we developed our first international partnerships and designed programs teaching Creative Problem Solving, Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

  • 2012

    partnered with other consulting companies to deliver innovation

    We found a gap in other consulting firms where there was very little innovation expertise, so we partnered and developed our offering.

  • 2015

    rethinking your world

    Our journey has helped us to discover that we are the missing 'special sauce' in many other consulting firms and organisations. We think differently, and that is needed. Now, we have grown our network of clever people and have the resources to add to projects around the world.

how can we help you?

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Dr. Robert Dew is able to see through a complex maze of information, straight to the heart of the problem. His solutions are first rate, implementable, and make a real difference to the bottom line of the clients we have worked on together.

Cyrus Allen
Cyrus Allen
Managing Partner, Strativity Group

This is where the magic happens. The team at Coriolis Innovation came in fast and quickly identified our blind spots. The solutions and business innovation pushed us beyond the constraints that we thought were limiting us and has helped us take leaps and bounds forward in developing our business.

Ryan Hill
Ryan Hill
Global Strategy Director, Advisian

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