How is Coriolis Innovation different?


our approach

Coriolis Innovation is a boutique consulting firm that identifies and designs innovations that help their client to achieve the next level of growth. Essentially, we solve impossible problems.

In line with this, we teach organisations how to manage innovation effectively, how to make the best decisions on innovations to invest in, and offer project managers that will help implement innovations inside the organisation.

Why we are different

Our unique combination of practical experience in large firms, entrepreneurial management in private firms and academic research makes us ideally qualified to help companies discover solutions for their innovation challenges.

Some firms offer management consulting with ‘innovation’ tacked on. However applying a linear process and financial controls to achieve innovations (e.g. innovation KPIs and a suggestion box) isn’t effective. Other firms offer pure human centred design, which can be seen as rather ‘black box’ or mysterious. It is an interesting immersive method, which relies on the subconscious, however is not always able to produce useful innovations. These methods are less able to deliver results reliably or cost effectively.

Our method is based on cognitive psychology research specifically targeted at organisational creativity. Instead of hoping for eureka moments, our approach is directed. We are able to produce more ideas per hour of thinker. This is ideal for organisations that want clarity around the process and involvement in the design.

We dovetail into organisations to deliver a way forward that seemed impossible to define, makes absolute sense, and will create the path for exponential growth.

Solving Impossible Problems

Companies that do not invest in innovation put their future at risk. A business is not able to compete in the market if it cannot seek innovative solutions to emerging problems. We have the kind of thinking you need to add to your team to reach the next level.

Innovation Management

We develop the system of controls that enable your organisation to design and implement risky and uncertain initiatives to develop new best practice. It includes what to do, how much to do it, and how not to do it too much. It enables the business to innovate for growth and sustainability.

Process Design

We use Theory of Constraints to free up bottle necks in your business and find the most effective way forward.

Data Driven Organisational Analysis

Armed with statistical knowledge, technical expertise, and fact based prediction, we allow your business to really move the needle.

how can we help you?

Contact us at the Coriolis Innovation office nearest to you or contact us online.

Dr. Robert Dew is able to see through a complex maze of information, straight to the heart of the problem. His solutions are first rate, implementable, and make a real difference to the bottom line of the clients we have worked on together.

Cyrus Allen
Cyrus Allen
Managing Partner, Strativity Group

This is where the magic happens. The team at Coriolis Innovation came in fast and quickly identified our blind spots. The solutions and business innovation pushed us beyond the constraints that we thought were limiting us and has helped us take leaps and bounds forward in developing our business.

Ryan Hill
Ryan Hill
Global Strategy Director, Advisian

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