Education Survey 2017Ever wish you could change things at your school? Now you can.

Education Survey

Your opinion can help bring about real change.

Many schools find themselves struggling to achieve the change they need because they don’t have enough information to take action.

By completing this survey, we can find out more about what you expected when you first enrolled your child,  compared to what you feel about your school now.  In the comments section, you can tell us how your school could be improved.  Please note, your answers will be kept completely anonymous – we will never share an association between you and your answers, even if you choose to share your contact details so that we can follow up with you. By guaranteeing anonymity and by you sharing honestly, it significantly helps us to offer meaningful suggestions that we can take to schools to help them grow or improve.

We will use your responses to develop a report with suggestions that we can send to your school to help make the changes you want to see.

If you would like us to reach out to your school, please provide us with the details of your school at the end of the survey.

how can we help you?

Contact us at the Coriolis Innovation office nearest to you or contact us online.

Dr. Robert Dew is able to see through a complex maze of information, straight to the heart of the problem. His solutions are first rate, implementable, and make a real difference to the bottom line of the clients we have worked on together.

Cyrus Allen
Cyrus Allen
Managing Partner, Strativity Group

This is where the magic happens. The team at Coriolis Innovation came in fast and quickly identified our blind spots. The solutions and business innovation pushed us beyond the constraints that we thought were limiting us and has helped us take leaps and bounds forward in developing our business.

Ryan Hill
Ryan Hill
Global Strategy Director, Advisian

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