Business Process Innovation & OptimisationHow to create differentiation in a commoditised education provider landscape

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Many companies find themselves struggling to increase margins. They assume that their operations are optimised. These firms often don’t realise that their processes are actually designed to minimise management involvement rather maximise efficiency, quality and overall profit.

Companies that are forced to compete on cost for processes involving significant human capital are left with the option of 1) sacrificing profit margins or 2) competing for the best skilled operators in the labour market.

The catch 22 is that either strategy reduces the long term value of the business. Margin reductions can prompt a price war. Key people are highly sought after and they are difficult to retain cost effectively. Achieving cost reduction and quality improvements requires taking an oblique design approach.

Coriolis Innovation does business process re-engineering differently. We innovate around the process, coming up with unexpected solutions that bring you fast returns.

Innovate and optimise for growth

  • Context Mapping
  • Identify Bottlenecks
  • Identify Freedoms of Action
  • Focussed Innovation
  • Process Change Planning
  • Process Change Introduction
  • Process Change Embedding

Our process is structured to enable you to see how your business works, from a different perspective. We use creativity and innovation techniques to design lateral solutions to primary issues, and industry best practice change management techniques to transform your operations.

Our method

We use a toolkit of Creative Problem Solving and Innovation Design techniques to map your current key processes, identify critical steps and then redesign to achieve both productivity and quality improvements. This enables you to:

  • gain a smart, sustainable advantage against your competition
  • lower your prices without sacrificing margin
  • gain the capacity to invest in your staff skills and productivity
  • use surpluses to attract and retain the best specialists in the labour market
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Dr. Robert Dew is able to see through a complex maze of information, straight to the heart of the problem. His solutions are first rate, implementable, and make a real difference to the bottom line of the clients we have worked on together.

Cyrus Allen
Cyrus Allen
Managing Partner, Strativity Group

Do you have operations or process bottlenecks? Need some fresh thinking?